Bamba Tram

Wake up before dawn to join an unforgettable sunrise tour aboard the Bamba Tram.

At the glimmer of first light, the open-air tram will carry you on the tracks towards the arching Victoria Falls Bridge. Built in 1904, this historic construction was once the largest bridge span in Africa. Today it provides breathtaking vistas stretching for miles.

Soak in spirit-lifting panoramas of the surrounding Batoka Gorge or peer over the railing into the chasm below. Sip tea while learning tales of pioneers who tamed this wilderness from your knowledgeable guide. By the time full sun breaks over the horizon, you have witnessed nature’s exquisite morning show unlike anywhere else in the Victoria Falls area. Disembark energized for the day with photographs to last a lifetime from your ride out on the Bamba Tram.

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