Victoria Falls Tour

Start your day exploring the lush wilderness surrounding the mighty Victoria Falls. On this guided walking tour, experience the magic of one of Zimbabwe’s most treasured national parks.

Your tour begins at the Victoria Falls rainforest entrance. Green tunnels of foliage form a pathway leading down to Mystic Gorge. Stop to observe the diverse plant life that thrives in this microclimate, from tropical flowers to towering royal palms. Your guide will identify endemic Zimbabwean species and explain their cultural significance.

Continuing along the river’s edge, the crashing roar of the Victoria Falls grows louder. Glimpses of the cascading waters through the trees heighten the anticipation. Rounding a bend, the full majestic spectacle comes into view. Marvel at the sheer power and grandeur of the Falls as they plunge 108 meters into the gorge below.

Whichever path you choose, gain a deeper appreciation for the immense natural beauty and significance of Victoria Falls. Immerse yourself in one of Zimbabwe’s most prized natural wonders on this captivating walking tour through a lush rainforest paradise.

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